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What Rolex News ? (Pre-Baselworld 2015)

by Thomas D - 11/03/2015

Once a year, Rolex enthusiasts flock to Basel, Switzerland, for the world’s largest watch show (19th to 26th March this year). The new Rolex models are always introduced during this trade show. For the fans of the brand, the wait surrounding this event takes the form of a 3-step ritual.

STEP 1 : The Predictions

For a year, watch enthusiasts speculate on what Rolex’ new models will look like, there's information chases that are likely to result in "This info is sure, 100% sure, I got it from my brother-in-law's cousin who works with the sister of the marketing guy at Rolex". Basically, everyone has their info, their idea... and mostly their dream product in head...


At last, the watch show opens and novelties are announced to the public. As soon as they're unveiled, it's already time for the post-mortem. "I told you so...", "Obviously, at Rolex it is firstly the gold, then the two-tone and finally the steel", "I knew they would never make a Submariner moon phase"...

At Baselworld 2014, Rolex introduced 3 new models that made the watch enthusiasts aching.

The Sea-Dweller (ref. 116600) is back in a contemporary version of the iconic model, featuring a ceramic bezel, an oversize dial and the new Rolex Glidelock bracelet.

Also, the Milgauss Blue GV (ref. 116400GV), a new version of the Milgauss GV introduced in 2006, this time with a blue dial combined with a green crystal.

Finally the GMT-Master II with a blue/red bezel (ref. 116719BLRO), an evolution of a classic watch from the pro range featured in the Rolex catalogue since 1954. If the return of the red and blue bezel made the model lovers happy, a surprise came with the announcement: Rolex has decided to make its GMT-Master II introduced last year only available in white gold, a first in 60 years...


Once the unveiling is over, the last phase starts or – shall we say – it's back to step 1. Indeed, the day after the Baselworld announces, it's back to the predictions for the next year.  "I heard in Basel that next year...", "This info is solid, I got it from the hostess at the Patek stand"...


As Baselworld is just around the corner, it's now time for us to make our own predictions, taking into account Rolex heritage and habits, but also the fact that the brand is not shy to shake up tradition.

Considering the fact that Rolex only offer watch complications focused on a professional use (no moon phase or power reserve), that models are usually launched in gold edition first, then in steel/gold and finally in all steel, and that there are rarely complete novelties, let's have a look at the 3 models we would like to see at Baselworld 2015.


After last year's white gold with a blue and red bezel edition, a new version of the iconic model, in steel this time, could make all the Rolexmaniacs happy, beginning with your humble writers. We would like (dream?) to see the rebirth of the black and red edition of the 16710 model (see photo), also known as the GMT Master Coke, with a ceramic bezel this time...

A NEW Daytona

Ceramic bezel are only available on the Platinum edition (see photo) or on the gold with leather strap edition, it seems appropriate to imagine such a ceramic bezel on the all gold edition of the iconic Daytona...

A "Tribute to..."

All great watchmakers have already succumbed to the "Tribute to..." temptations. With Tudor joining the club with the Black-Bay, we hope to see Rolex follow suit this year. Why not with a "James Bond" Submariner ?


What would you like to see launched by Rolex in the next few months? Share your wishes and dreams with us in the comments section !