The Triton Spirotechnique revived!

by Guillaume V - 06/11/2015

Dive watch lovers will be delighted: two watch enthusiasts decided to revive the famous Triton Spirotechnique from the 60s.

Reviving a brand which only existed between 1963 and 1970, and producing a single model from their range may seem like an impossibly complicated challenge. However, the passion of the new owners coupled with the heritage of the brand make us believe in the success of this project.

The first Triton watch was designed in 1962 for the Spirotechnique company, at the request of Jacques Cousteau, famous for his exploration of underwater territories. The specific design of this watch - built for professional and military divers - gave it an unusual, easy-to-recognize look. But its crown protection was not only a matter of aesthetics: it was designed to prevent water penetration after a shock.

The brand new 'Triton Subphotique' unveiled on the 5th of novembrer fully respects its ancestor's DNA. It is a little bigger (41mm vs 37) to stick to the current standards but it still includes typical elements from the Spirotechnique : the bezel with its typical typography (bigger tenths digits), a red/black date, and of course the crown protection. The bezel is made of scratch resistant sapphire. The caliber is a swiss made Soprod.

The Triton Subphotique will be available shortly for €4,950 with a rubber strap (ref TA-BSCAGOM), or for €5,390 with a ruber/alligator strap (ref TB-BSCAALLI) - the price to pay if you would like to wear an original and well-manufactured watch (which, incidentally, was more expensive than a Submariner in the 60s…).