Radillon Racing 3 hands 42-A10-169

Legendary racing stripes honoured by Raidillon

by Guillaume V - 10/08/2015

Inspired by the 50s racetracks, Raidillon created two new models decorated with traditional stripes.

The said stripes originated in 1951, with Briggs Cunningham, who put white stripes on each of his cars so that they would be easy to identify. The famous “Le Mans stripes” were born. In the next two decades, he was emulated by many racers, who slightly changed the original idea to match the stripe colors with that of their country flags. The stripes fashion faded out after the 70s, but came back more recently as a reminder of the past.

Raidillon also celebrates this bygone era with 2 new 3-hand, automatic models. They feature a large strip in the middle and one finer stip on each side, while the “55” still sits at 11 o’clock, right on top of the central strip. In addition, its grey and orange colour scheme gives it a distinctively modern twist for this already contemporary timepiece. Raidillon, as usual, will only produce 55 copies of each of these new, Swiss-made models.

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