Objectif Horlogerie's mobile workshops

We can be watchmakers… just for one day!

by Aurélie C - 07/04/2015

Have you always dreamt of wearing a crisp white lab coat? To play with precise instruments and to unveil what lies within your watch? Then, Objectif Horlogerie’s mobile initiation workshop - dedicated to watchmaking - is made for you!

You might be a watch enthusiast, a newcomer to this unique world or simply a curious mind, but Objectif Horlogerie has something in store that may well catch your attention. This Parisian company is offering half a day of initiation to watchmaking, going on tour from April to June. You can expect this event to make a stop at Aix-en-Provence, Bordeaux, Brussels, Cannes, Geneva, Lille, Luxemburg and, Lyon.

So what to expect exactly? The day starts with a warm welcome and presentations around a refreshment. Then, it is time for a bit of theory to get to know the history and the components of timepieces. Once these basic notions have been mastered, attendees will have a hands-on experience while dismantling, cleaning and assembling a watch.

You will have the opportunity to live a watchmaker’s life by stepping in a white lab coat, using a state of the art workbench and, precise tools. Attendees will be able to discover - one piece at a time - how an ETA movement is made. The worshop will end with the miracle of an exceptional piece brought back to life, thanks to your TLC.

This beautiful initiative aims at bringing together passionate and curious people in a pleasurable moment. “Our credo is to make watchmaking accessible to everyone. The human contact is our trademark. It then seemed obvious to make our workshops mobile. There are watch enthusiasts everywhere. Demand was increasing strongly. We are now coming to them!”, explains  Samir Khemici, founder.

To learn more about the mobile workshops and when they will come near you, please visit www.objectifhorlogerie.fr. If you want to attend one of them, be prepared to pay 340 euros for a 4h30 session.