Montblanc TimeWalker Urban Speed e-Strap

Montblanc TimeWalker Urban Speed e-Strap (SIHH 2015)

by Guillaume V - 05/01/2015

Smart wearable technology (also known as smartwatches) and its impact is one of the most talked about topics in the watch world in the past months, and Montblanc is the first luxury brand to offer a credible wearable technology combined with fine watchmaking that might be the answer for the watch enthusiasts.

In this debate, there are many criterias in favor of the traditional horology : mechanical heritage and history and future-proofness, among others. Without a doubt there are more people still wearing on a daily basis a 10-year old watch than people still using their mobile from the 2000's...  But there is one part of the mechanical watch that needs to be replaced regularly, because it is worn out or simply to keep the watch trendy... The strap !

Therefore, the idea if integrating a smart device to the strap seems apt, because the obsolescence of the technology could correspond to the wearing time of the band. And for the first time it will be possible to exhibit our nicest mechanical watches whilst benefiting from all the useful digital features, without having too many wrist bands.

Features of the e-Strap

The e-Strap is an interchangeable leather/carbon strap, with an integrated technology device connected - via Bluetooth Low Energy, to selected Android and iOS smartphones - that offers all the useful digital functionality. Its touch screen, easily readable, displays the information and allows to navigate through the functionalities. Its stainless steel case with rubber protection can be easily fixed with the pass-through strap.

Smart notifications, signaled by vibrations, provide an alert of incoming calls, e-mails or texts and the e-Strap enables the preview of them by topic and sender. The activity tracker can monitor the wearer’s physical activity, and keep track of his personal goals; it measures the number of steps, calories burnt and the distance travelled, whilst the accompanying smartphone application enables to track the progress per week and month. The remote controls are useful for controlling the smartphone camera and music control functions. The Find-Me function allows you to locate your phone (or, vice-versa, your watch) within a 30m range.

The e-strap has an expected battery life of 5 days (depending on usage), after which it can be recharged using a standard micro-USB cable.

Availability and pricing

The e-Strap is being offered on three new Timewalker models equiped with automatic winding: the time-only Automatic, the Chronograph, and the UTC (United Time Coordinated), with a 2nd timezone, 3 hands and the date. The e-Strap can be purchased on its own.  

Pricing :

  • Timewalker Urban Speed automatique e-Strap : 2990 euros
  • Timewalker Urban Speed UTC e-Strap : 3990 euros
  • Timewalker Urban Speed chronographe e-Strap : 4690 euros
  • E-Strap only  : 350 euros

The e-Strap TimeWalker Urban Speed models will be available in June 2015... with or without the e-Strap.