MeisterSinger Salthora Meta X

MeisterSinger Salthora Meta X: A rugged all-round companion

by MeisterSinger - 13/05/2017

At second glance, the Salthora Meta X is a typical MeisterSinger: A single hand cir- cles around a dial that features concise, functional typography. The quintessential MeisterSinger single hand indicates the passing of the minutes in every Salthora model. The hour is displayed in a circular window at 12 o’clock – which changes at lightning speed and with amazing precision every 60 minutes.

Waterproof to a depth of 200 meters

At first glance, however, the Salthora Meta X comes across as a completely different type of watch – with a rugged crown protector on the side of the case, with superlu- minova hour markings, and above all with a striking, rotatable bezel made of zirconia ceramic. These design features not only give the Salthora Meta X an energetic look, it is extremely robust as well – an ideal companion whether in town, out in the coun- tryside, and especially in the water. Its screwed crown and stainless steel back make it waterproof up to 20 bar. And the strongly luminous coating on the hand, digits, and indices tell you what time it is, even in the depths of the sea. If the Meta X had been fitted with a second hand and line indices on its precisely adjustable, rotatable bezel, it could have been officially classified as a diving watch – but the Salthora Meta X doesn ́t want to be designed for one purpose only. It is simply a strikingly handsome timepiece for people who are flexible – in every sense of the word. For people who don’t want to have to worry about their watch, whether on a country outing in the rain or playing sports on the beach – whether measuring exactly how long they’ve been lying in the sun with the precisely rotatable bezel, how long the half-time break is, or when standing in line to buy opera tickets. The Salthora Meta X is for people who have their own style, take delight in high-precision mechanics – and definitely don’t get upset by having to wait an extra few seconds.

Optimized technology

The energetic design of the Salthora Meta X ideally reflects its robust technology, as it is powered by a Swiss automatic movement. The elaborate mechanics, which cause the next hourly digit to jump precisely into the window in a flash every 60 minutes, were exclusively designed for MeisterSinger. The tension required for the actuating lever of the hour disk is built up in the course of 60 minutes by a snail at- tached to the minute wheel. Hence, power is not withdrawn suddenly from the main- spring barrel, but continually, which only influences the workings to a minimal degree. The robust stainless steel case of the Salthora Meta X is 43 millimeters in diameter. The dial is protected by a domed sapphire glass and the stainless steel back is firmly sealed with six screws.

The Salthora Meta X is available in three different versions: One model has a black dial, a red hand and red digits on a white background. A second model is designed with green digits and a green hand. The third version comes with its dial and rotating bezel in deep blue with white digits.

All three models are supplied with a rubber-coated, waterproof leather strap.

SAMX902 (black/red), SAMX902GR (black/green), SAMX908 (blue)

Prices (may '17):
3200€ with leather/rubber strap, 3200€ with leather strap, 3500€ with mesh bracelet