Meistersinger Salthora Meta Jumping Hour

Salthora Meta: the 'sporty' Jumping Hour by Meistersinger

by Guillaume V - 22/06/2015

Following the unveiling of the Salthora model in 2014, this year at Baselworld Meistersinger presented its sporty chic variation named Salthora Meta. An elegant, unusual and casual watch.

Ever since its creation, the German brand specialized in one-hand watches: a clean and soothing way of reading time. At the beginning, dials were separated in 5 minutes periods and the hand slowly rotated around them.
Then, year after year, useful functions were added: date, weekday, additional time zone, chronograph and even minute and small seconds hands (for the brand enthusiasts looking for more precision).

For the very same enthusiasts, Meistersinger presented the Salthora jumping hour watch at Baselworld 2014. Its only hand indicates the minutes, while hours “jump” in a window located at 12 o’clock.
The “jumping hour” complication appeared in the 1920’s but it remains a relatively rare function. Even if the display method is similar to that of “trailing hour” models, the position of the hour disk of “jumping hour” models changes instantaneously as opposed to slowly sliding within the window. For an untrained eye, this may look like a small detail. However, the knowledgeable amateur would know what this complication implies: storing energy for 60 minutes and transfer it entirely precisely when the hour change – and all this without disrupting the fluidity of the functioning of the movement. Some technical challenge!

The Salthora Meta presented at Baselworld 2015 by Meistersinger is a “sporty” variation of last year’s Salthora. Even if its functions are identical (jumping hours and minutes), it features subtle style modifications: diameter from 40 to 43mm and the dial typographical design is clearly more modern. These small changes are enough to make this new model sporty and casual. 5 designs are available which will help all those seduced by this timepiece to select the right colours for their dressing style.

See the 5 models

  • with white dial, Ref SAM901

    with white dial, Ref SAM901

    See the datasheet

  • with ivory dial, Ref SAM903

    with ivory dial, Ref SAM903

    See the datasheet

  • with black dial, Ref SAM907

    with black dial, Ref SAM907

    see the datasheet

  • with blue dial, Ref SAM908

    with blue dial, Ref SAM908

    See the datasheet

  • with Green Racing dial, Limited Edition of 50 pieces, Ref SAM909

    with Green Racing dial, Limited Edition of 50 pieces, Ref SAM909

    See the datasheet