Régler l'heure d'une montre mécanique

Setting the time on a mechanical watch

To set the time, the crown must be in third position – fully pulled out towards the outside. Once the crown is in this position, you simply need to hold it between your thumb and index and turn it until the hands are located on the desired time.


Watches with a “second stop” and a second hand will stop when their crown is pulled out to the maximum. This is perfectly normal. This allows you to easily set the time to the second: you only need to stop the second hands on 12 hour, to set the watch on the reference time + 1 minute and to start the watch again right when the reference time reaches the following minute.


Watches displaying the date make it easy to differentiate midday and midnight: the date changes at midnight. And on a watch that does not display the date ? This actually does not matter at all…


Even if these recommendations apply in most cases, do not hesitate to check out your watch user manual or ask your usual watchmaker for further information.