Les raisons d'acheter une montre de luxe

Why you should buy a luxury watch

There is not one single reason to buy a nice watch… Of course, there are plenty of reasons: often very personal, sometimes simple and sometimes mysterious.

To be able to consider the following attempts at finding an answer, one should preferably be open to the arguments of the luxury industry. Indeed, it seems unlikely that someone will change their mind if they think, when starting reading this page, that spending one or several month’s worth of salary in a watch – as beautiful and prestigious as it may be - is a ludicrous thing to do. Unless some pragmatic arguments might create a slight opening…


Let’s be absolutely clear: getting the time does not feature among the reasons to buy a luxury watch. This object has gone far beyond its primary use. Today, a simple glance at your smartphone is enough to get the exact time – which often provides more accurate information than a mechanical watch, as advanced as it may be.


For many watch enthusiasts, pleasure is the only reason that matters.

The enjoyment of gathering information, selecting, stepping into a shop after long weeks of careful thought and expectation and getting out wearing the coveted object.

This enjoyment also extends to wearing an exceptional watch every day, a rare object that draws attention and admiring comments, even from non-specialists.

It’s the delight of looking at an exclusive object on your wrist, feeling its weight, observing its perfect finishing touches, watching the gentle slide of the seconds hand, the oscillations of the balance wheel and, for the most fortunate, the mesmerizing rotation of the tourbillon.

Some may think this is false pride. Regardless: pleasure is, after all, a selfish endeavour.


If we generally like belonging to groups and communities, we also aspire to express what makes us different and unique.

It is quite common to say that the only “discreet” jewelry a man can wear is a watch – wedding rings excluded. Thus, choosing a watch, thanks to a sophisticated alchemy of history, functions, shapes, materials or colours, can be a way to express your personality, tastes, uniqueness, values, state of mind… and, paradoxically, your pride to belong to the (increasingly relatively) small community of watch enthusiasts.


This might be the most debatable argument but, as surprising as it may appear, a nice watch can – like quality (and well-polished, obviously) shoes – make an impact when first meeting the wearer.

Beyond what this may indicate regarding one’s income, a nice watch may also be a visual indicator which, subconsciously, locates the wearer on the scales of success, taste and elegance.

So, as you only get to make a first impression once, why not give yourself the best chances of success ?


Special occasions provide good reasons to treat yourself. What could be more symbolic than immortalising an exceptional moment with a timepiece? Birthdays, graduations, first wages, engagements, weddings, births… all provide occasions – or even excuses – to buy a nice watch.

Your pleasure, previously described, will then be drastically augmented by the event that the watch commemorates.


In an age of programmed obsolescence, acquiring an object that will last more than a lifetime may seem odd…

But one thing is certain: fashions and fads have no impact on the cultural or sentimental value of a nice watch. How many watch enthusiasts proudly wear, every day, watches that are twice older than them because they have a story or an emotional value? No doubt there is more of them than those who are still using their phone dating from the 2000s.

As for me, I like to think that, in a few years, my son will be wearing the watch I bought on the year he was born. But perhaps it is the Patek Philippe’s ads talking…


The “monetary” value of collectors’ watches increases continuously as time goes by, so they can become an excellent investment.

Like fine wines, art pieces, antique cars or diamonds, collectors’ watches may be considered as a safe haven asset and a very credible alternative to financial products – which may be more volatile.

As opposed to stock prices, the value of luxury goods is determined by a rather predictable offer and demand mechanism. And demand has been outstripping offer for a number of years.

Obviously, as for all investments, certain purchases are riskier than others. However, in a relatively young collectors’ watches market – it’s less than 25 years old – great opportunities remain frequent.