Les critères de choix d'une montre de luxe

Choosing your luxury watch

There’s no accounting for taste, as they say… True: the notion of beauty is relative.

That is why you should, first and foremost, choose a watch that you like, that makes you feel emotions and pleasure. Only trying it on will give you this information: many watch enthusiasts dream of a watch for months and instantly forget about it after having tried it on.

Nevertheless, beyond purely emotional and aesthetic considerations, you can also contemplate purely objective criteria.


Watches’ styles are numerous: classical, sports, military, diving or pilot…

Chances are that, after having browsed through a vast amount of watches, you are considering several designs in several styles that all seem just as beautiful to you.

But when a choice will need to be made, only one can remain. And it will have to match your lifestyle and the outfits you most frequently wear. So here is what you need to ask yourself: how will I use my watch? Does it fit my style?

For example, if your style is casual, you can easily contemplate buying a sports, pilot or diving watch, even in larger sizes. However, if you are wearing suits during weekdays, a more classical or vintage watch – which are usually rather thin – will be a better match, especially under your shirt sleeve. A reasonably thick diving or sports watch can also be considered and has the additional benefit of being suitable for wearing with more relaxed outfits during weekends.

So, when you will be visiting a shop to try on the watches you like, you should be dressed “as usual”. Once you will have a watch on, do not hesitate to look at yourself in a mirror to make sure it fits you… and that you like it on your wrist!


Your watch must be comfortable and fit your wrist so that you can enjoy wearing it.

Indeed, a watch that would be too heavy or too large will be annoying to wear after a few weeks and, as beautiful as it may be, you will keep it in its box… especially if you can wear others.

(To know more about watch sizes and those that might suit you, check out our guide)

Concerning the watch strap: if the one that comes with the watch does not suit you, it is advisable to mount a new one that you feel comfortable with right after the purchase: it has to be easily adjustable to your wrist, even when temperatures are higher in summer.

If you have a significant volume of hair, avoid metal, slightly expandable watch straps: that’s a guaranteed hair removal!


Even if giving time has no longer been the primary function of this type of object for a long time, readability remains a significant factor. Indeed, even if the purpose of luxury watches is not only to give you the time of day, it would still be a shame should this not be performed adequately.

Therefore, you should select a watch with a dial located in a position that is convenient for you to read. For instance, some complications such as the watch regulating mechanism or a 24 hours display require some getting used to – which varies from one person to the next.

In addition, if you need to use your watch at night, make sure the hands, numerals and/or indexes are luminescent.


The type of movement should also be taken into account.

If you want high precision – your watch not gaining or losing more than a few seconds per year – you will have to go for a quartz movement. In addition, because this type of movement requires batteries, its maintenance is low.

If gaining or losing a few minutes each month does not bother you, then the doors of the world of mechanical watches are wide open for you. It is important to note that mechanical movements, originating from age-old know-how and tradition, are largely preferred by experts and enthusiasts: a potentially crucial factor for resale.

Among mechanical watches, you can either go for manual winding or automatic winding models. The former will require regular winding – often daily winding, depending on power reserve – which forms part of its charm. The latter will wind automatically thanks to the motion of your wrist. Also note that the style of watch you select will impact the array of choices. For instance, diving watches with manual winding are more difficult to find than a classical watch with the same type of movement…


Some side functions offered in luxury watches have actual benefits – like a date function – but this is not always true. But that does not really matter: your purchase does not have to be entirely rational.

So, when you will be choosing your watch, you will need to select the functions that are essential to you – either because you find them useful or because you like them or are fascinated by them. As you probably know, the sky is the limit…

But note that, the more functions or complications your watch possess, the more it can be cumbersome, difficult to set and, especially, the pricier it may be.


We could have started here as your budget determines the array of choices. However, one usually only looks at the watches they can afford.

Nevertheless, you need to take into account that even if a new model may seem too expensive, you can find a second-hand one that may fit into your budget. Indeed, the second-hand market offers not only vintage watches but also recent pieces that are sometimes still under manufacturer warranty.

You can also find financing solutions or alternative solutions like leasing or renting. If what matters to you is wearing your watch often as opposed to owning one, these solutions are well worth considering.


Let’s finish on a criterion that is not automatically taken into account when buying a watch: the selection of the reseller – or the merchant for second-hand watches. And yet, this is a key factor to make your purchase a true success when it comes to making your final choice and benefiting from your contact’s experience.

Well-established brands and shops offer ease of access, an appropriate welcome, quality advice and a wide range of items: all this will help you make the “right” purchase. If you can try several watches on and if you are comfortable enough to take time to think – even if that means stopping by several times to try the same or different watches on – you will improve your chances of making the right call. And you are entirely happy with your purchase, you will likely recommend the shop to your friends or will go back to it for maintenance or your next purchase.

When it comes to buying online, it is essential to check the customer reviews regarding the reputation of the merchant, to make sure it offers customer service and to get to know the services it provides – such as return and refund conditions as well as warranty terms and conditions.