marmotte pour 3 montres de luxe

Transporting luxury watches

Holidays are approaching fast and it seems that you will soon need to leave your watches for a while… but do you really have to ?

All these months you spent wearing them alternately, never keeping one longer than the other… Do you really have to pick just one now ?

Well, not necessarily! For a weekend or a month, you can take them all with you. But you still must do so safely, stylishly or even smartly.

Now, there is a vast amount of solutions to transport your collector watches, so let’s make a list together !


Watch rolls are cases made of flexible materials - e.g. leather or fabric - and allow you to transport several watches - usually 3 or 6 watches - to protect them from scratches or minor knocks.

Watches are slid in the pockets and a flexible flap comes above to protect them. Everything is then rolled and held in place by a knot or a fastening system (see main picture).

Like travel cases, watch rolls are relatively cheap - depending on the material they are made of - and can also be used at home for storage purposes.

Discreet, a watch roll may be used to carry a few watches to bring them back home or to take them to your bank.


These are not necessarily beautiful but they are practical. One of the benefits of travel holders is that they are relatively small and cheap. And they can be either used on the move or as a storage solution at home.

They can generally contain between 1 and 4 watches and they may be made of simple or noble materials.

Prices range from a few euros for cases containing just one watch to several hundred euros for leather, 4-watch cases for instance.


Just like travel cases, briefcases are both practical and have the additional benefit of offering a larger capacity - between 8 and 12 watches.

However, they are more difficult to store in a safe and are less appropriate as a home storage solution.


For very serious collectors who would like to transport a significant amount of watches, a highly luxurious option exists: travel trunks. Their interior is entirely designed to carry timepieces.

It also features specific drawers with cushioned compartments. Watch-winders can even be integrated into this type of objects so that your watches are always perfectly winded, ready to be worn.

Of course, these trunks are highly customizable to best fit the needs of collectors. In addition, they are made of top of the range materials: common or precious varieties of wood, leather, gold. Trunks range from one to tens - or even hundreds - of thousand euros and are aimed at very exclusive customers.