Coffre-remontoir pour montres de luxe

Storing luxury watches

That’s it: you’ve caught the luxury watch bug. You bought a first nice watch but you couldn’t stop there, and you are now part of the luxury watches collectors community!

You tremendously enjoy wearing your timepieces but, unless you are wearing two or more watches on each arm, some of your acquisitions must remain at home… But it is not a reason to leave these marvelous items negligently lying on the table! You need to find a form of storage that fits the high standards of your collection - and also one that is more practical than the original cases that will have carefully stored away from light and damp.

But before taking action: make sure you know what you need now, but especially what you will need in the medium term - when the number of watches in your collection will have changed.

In addition, you need to ask yourself where you will be storing your watches when you are not wearing them: will they be staying home - a practical but riskier place? Are you going to store them in a safe at your bank in spite of all the constraints involved?

So, after having counted the watches on your wishlist and having carefully evaluated dimension-related constraints - the size of safe in the bank? The place of storage at home? - it’s time to evaluate the solutions that best fit your needs.


Watch boxes and cases can usually store between 1 and 12 watches. It features compartment on the inside to store the watches and generally a carefully designed exterior. Indeed, these items are meant to be displayed on a desk or on living room furniture. The choice of material is wide and you should be able to find one that fits your interior without problems.

Watch boxes and cases offer rather large capacities and pleasing looks, but they are not particularly practical for transporting and storing in a bank.

Depending on the nobility of its materials, a box or a case price range from tens to thousands euros.


A watch winder is a rotating case for one - or several - automatic watch that “simulates” the motions of your wrist to keep your watch fully winded when you do not wear it.

Battery-powered or plugged into the mains, some of these devices even offer customizable settings which help you both save energy and optimize the operation of the watches they contain.

This is the perfect gift for a someone owning several watches worn in turns and at least one mechanical watch with automatic winding and difficult-to-set complications on restart.

Practical and comfortable, watch winders are nevertheless relatively costly: a quality product - energy-efficient and quiet enough - costs several hundred euros.


These are not necessarily beautiful but they are practical. One of the benefits of travel holders is that they are relatively small and cheap. They can also be use either home or on the road.

They can generally contain between 1 and 4 watches - even if some can hold up to 8 of them - and they may be made of simple or noble materials.

Prices range from a few euros for 1-watch cases to several hundred euros for leather, 4-watch cases for instance.


Watch rolls are cases made of flexible materials - e.g. leather or fabric - and contain several watches - usually 3 or 6 watches - to protect them from scratches or minor knocks.

Watches are slid in the pockets and a flexible flap comes above to protect them. Everything is then rolled and held in place by a knot or a fastening system.

Like travel cases, watch rolls are relatively cheap - depending on the material they are made of - and can be used at home or on the road.

Discreet, a watch roll may be used to carry 2 or 3 watches to bring them back home or to take them to your bank.


Built to securely store valuable objects. Depending on its size, a safe can contain any number of watches with or without cases.

This is an excellent solution for those who want to keep their watches at arm’s length - discreetly and securely - and to store additional jewelry or important documents.