RAIDILLON watch brand


Created out of passion for horology and automobile, Raidillon offers exclusive luxury watch collections, designed in Belgium and made in Switzerland.

Designed in Belgium and made in Switzerland

In 2001, the Belgian Bernard Julémont – particularly fond of watchmaking – decided to create his own luxury watch brand. The name he picked stemmed from another passion: car racing. Indeed, Raidillon is a reference to one of the most famous curves in the world of car racing: the “Raidillon Eau Rouge” (Red water curve) in Spa­Francorchamps.

The brand name also comprises the 55 number which refers to the maximum number of racers formerly authorized to compete in certain car races. This is why each model is available in limited editions comprising 55 pieces – numbered from 0 to 55 on the side of the case... and there’s no number 13 as it used to be! The 55 number is also put forward on the crown and the dial – at 11 o’clock – of each watch.

But that’s not all! There are also numerous references to the world of car racing in the designs of the

3 hands and chronographs models designed by the Belgian brand: GPS coordinates of the Raidillon’s apex, chronograph’s push buttons looking like race car pedals, etc. The happy owners of Raidillon timepieces will not lack interesting stories about their items!

Since a private investment fund joined the company in 2010, the brand has developed new ambitions: the number of models climbed from 25 to 50. Enough to satisfy watch and car racing enthusiasts willing to purchase an unusual timepiece designed in Belgium and made in Switzerland.