GRAND SEIKO watch brand


The japanese watchmaker Grand Seiko produces handcrafted timepieces for more than half a century.

Discover here all the collections of this extraordinary watchmaking brand.

A true manufacture for 55 years

The idea was simplicity itself. Grand Seiko should offer the very best in pure watchmaking, with perfect precision, beauty and legibility. In 1960, the very first Grand Seiko watch embodied this idea and, for 55 years, it has inspired the Grand Seiko watchmakers to design and build watches that are, today, recognized as being among the very best timepieces in the world.

Seiko is one of the few true ‘manufactures’ that has the in-house capability to produce every watch component, from hair spring to watch hands, and is the only ‘manufactures’ that has mastery of every watchmaking technology.

Grand Seiko is the pinnacle of Seiko’s achievement as a fully integrated watchmaker, and raises the pure essentials of watchmaking to the level of art.

55 years ago, a deceptively simple idea began a tradition. Today, the idea is expressed in a new generation of timepieces that proves that true values are eternal.

The precious responsibility of crafting Grand Seiko watches is shared between two remarkable studios, Shizuku-ishi Watch Studio located in the woods of northern Japan and Shinshu Watch Studio in the high mountainous area in the center of the main island.

A number of master craftsmen and women in these two studios are dedicated to the design, manufacture and hand assembly of Grand Seiko. Their skills were recognized in 2014 with an award at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève for the Grand Seiko Hi-beat GMT. The award is both an honor and a source of inspiration for the future.