BELL & ROSS watch brand


Designed for professionals demanding extremely reliable devices, Bell & Ross watches meet four fundamental principles: readability, functionality, precision and water-resistance. Consequently, every single detail featured in their timepieces is there for a reason and performs a certain function. This technical rigor can be seen into the sleek lines and the timeless elegance of the brand’s watches. Astronauts, pilots from the Air Force, elite policemen and policewomen, racing drivers, submariners or clearance divers use Bell & Ross’s watches as a tool during their missions.

From the Dashboard to the wrist

Bell & Ross - a Swiss-French watchmaker - was founded in 1992 in Paris by Carlos Rosillo and Bruno Belamich. Both went to Lycée Carnot in Paris and they have known each other since they were fifteen years old. The former was, then, an investment banker strongly committed to creating a watch brand. The latter was a designer.

The brand name - which sounds like that of a 1950s American firm - is actually a concatenation of their two names linked by an ampersand. Quite a symbol, isn’t it?

From the start, both founders decided that their watches would fit professional uses: each detail fulfills a function, their design is efficient and everything is very easy to read.

Their first collection - comprising 12 watches - was launched in 1994 after 2 years of hard work. Watch enthusiasts were about to discover Bell & Ross.

The fact that Chanel became a shareholder in 1997 gave a new impulse to the brand. Ever since, their watches have been manufactured in Chaux-de-Fond, Switzerland.

Each and every collection proved the continued search of Bell & Ross for increased reliability and efficiency. And in 2005, the brand launched the BR 01 model: a watch inspired by a plane dashboard. Even if some do not like its unusual design and its impressive, 46 mm case, the BR 01 still quickly seduced a number of enthusiasts. For almost 10 years, the concept is available in several versions and sizes and the success of the Aviation collection remains strong. In parallel, Bell & Ross adds new models each year to its Vintage and Marine collections.

It’s just the beginning…